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Saturdays, from 11am - 12:30pm

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Bellydance Basics


11:00am - 12:30pm

$12. per Class


$40. per Month (4 classes)

$35. per Month (signup w/friend)

$30. per Month (income slide scale)

Classes taught at the Creation-Station Merced

At Bellydance Magique, we believe that it is fundamental to teach beginning students the basic dance technique of traditional Middle-Eastern bellydance, where bellydance originates. This allows for dance students to develop and implement their own dance styles, while still retaining a deep understanding of this ancient and beautiful dance form.

BASICS LEVEL I: Recommended for those who have never taken a dance class. Basic body isolations are emphasized, and a slow to moderate speed choreography will be practiced using a veil, silk fans or wings.

BASICS LEVEL II: Recommended for those who have taken any kind of dance class before. A moderate to fast speed choreography will be practiced, using sword, jug, candles and/or finger cymbals.

Classes consist of a warm up, basic belly dance technique, repertoire drills, across the floor patterns and routines, choreography development and practice, cool down, weekly discussion topic, questions and comments. 

FITNESS GOALS: Increase flexibility especially in the spinal column, improve stamina, balance and posture.

PERFORMANCE GOALS (optional): Perform a 4 minute belly dance choreography using veil, finger cymbals or sword.

WHAT TO WEAR: Typical belly dance work-out gear includes: a hip scarf with or without coins/beads/fringe, worn over a comfortable skirt or leggings. 

REQUIRED FOR CLASSES: Level I- A sheer veil (approx. 3  1/4 yards long, by approx. 45 inches wide). Level II- finger cymbals, sword or jug. 

ALLOWED ANYTIME: Any costuming, hair and make up that makes you feel beautiful, confident and exotic!