​​Art Kamangar Theater Downtown Merced

October 2016

Tahiti Fete


Bellydance for fun, fitness, Performance & Socializing!

PAST Performances  BY the bellydance Magique dance company

Shimmy Mob 2017
Downtown Merced Bob Hart Square

Merced County Fair


Dance Week Merced College Theater

June 2018

Kaleidoscope Merced Collage Theater


There are many styles of bellydance! 
Here are some of the most popular categories according to:


                                                Egyptian Saidi                                       Gypsy

                                           Egyptian Folkloric.                                 Persian

                                           American Cabaret                                   Turkish

                                             American Tribal                                       Greek

                                                Tribal Fusion                                       Goddess

                           And The Latest Bellydance Craze, Shaabi (Arabic Street Dance)

In today’s bellydance world, you have an abundance of dance genres and sub-genres to choose from and pursue. Each style has its own distinctive ‘brand’ of bellydance moves, music, costuming, history and audience. Personally, I find that there is something to appreciate and learn from every bellydance genre.

Within all the variations and evolving styles of bellydance,  it all begins with the basics. And the basics are ISOLATIONS! - upper and lower body isolations. Add some shimmies, hip-bumps and pops, and you're on your way to create your own interpretation of how you want to bellydance.    

El Portal Cancer Center Community Awareness Event

July 2019

Merced County Fair


Merced County Fair